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Contact person:
Ms. Patricia Concha

Traineeship on environmental statistics - the state and protection of environment
Statistical Office in Białystok
From: 04/09/2023 - Until: 27/10/2023

Detailed programme of the traineeship:
Work related to organizing and conducting statistical research in the field of environmental protection and nature protection, as well as sharing data in this field. Indicators of Green economy as well as sustainable development. 1. The general principles of functioning of public statistics in Poland; 2. The methodology and organization of research in the field of environmental protection and nature protection; 3. Green economy indicators, including research methodolgy; 4. Databases

Contact person:
Ms. Marta Jopek

Webpage of host organisation:

Use of Mobile Phone Data for Population Statistics
National Institute of Statistics Romania
From: 01/09/2023 - Until: 30/11/2023

Detailed programme of the traineeship:
The trainee will be working in the National Institute of Statistics Office in Bucharest, in the Department for Innovative Tools in Statistics. The trainee will contribute to the execution of the following tasks: - Analysis of synthetic generated mobile network events data for computing population statistics; - Improving the methods of calculation of the location probabilities for mobile devices; - Develop an R package for mobile phone data visualizations.

Contact person:
Ms. Anca Hîrsu

Webpage of host organisation: